Contraction Surgeons at Work!

    We went all went into surgery today...Contraction Surgery!  Oh, no...Surgery!  Oh, yes...but we were the surgeons.  
    We had all of the "surgical equipment" needed to perform surgery just like real surgeons: scalpels (scissors), stitches (glue), and even surgical masks (why not?). 
    We talked about how we sometimes say or write words so quickly that we actually combine them, but also that we end up leaving out parts of them because of how we say it.  We also talked about how when we leave those letters behind, they can't just disappear.  
    This then led into a great conversation about how sometimes we, as people, need things fixed or even taken out of us.  When a surgeon goes in and makes a cut, then fixes us or takes out the things not needed in us, they stitch us back up, but there is still something left behind...a mark or "a scar".  We discussed how words are just like that; we can't just take letters out, they also have to get a mark.  We learned that the mark is called an apostrophe.  
    Then we went to work delicately using our scalpels to take out letters and spaces to combine and fix the word, making sure to leave that special mark. 
   Check out the pictures below!

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