Teddy Bear Sleepover

   We ended our Bear Unit with The Great Teddy Bear Sleepover.  Students brought their teddy bears in on Thursday.  That day we wrote clues using great adjectives to describe what our bear looked like.  Then we took turns reading our clues and guessing which bear belonged to whom.  We could tell the great descriptive adjectives used when we could easily guess the bear correctly with our four clues or even less!

   We also told our teddy bears all about our school rules...and of course, the made sure they knew the rules for their sleepover.  Then we read them a goodnight story, tucked them in, and went on our merry way home. 

   Well, that very next morning, you wouldn't believe what we found our bears up to!  They had definitely been up to some mischief! I made a video of the pictures. If you can't view YouTube, I've also included some of my favorite pictures below. 
   We instantly took notes about what we saw.  Then, we sat our bears aside to give them some time to think about their choices while we vigorously wrote about what we had encountered.  This led to some great descriptive writing!

This teddy was holding the Dry Erase marker...we caught it red-pawed!
   We made sure to use wonderful adjectives and lots of description so that our reader could picture in their mind exactly what we had seen, and also, so they could tell which teddy had done what.

Note the black teddy bear hanging down from the projector!
We were puzzled when we saw what these two had been up to!
   So many students were shocked that their teddy bears had not listened to them after we told them the rules.   You could read some of the concern for their teddy bear's decision making in their writing...so adorable!

Can you believe these teddy bears were playing our math game for the week?
Thought they would just hang out!
   We ended the day with all of us sharing our very descriptive first-hand accounts in the Author's Chair while we worked on reading with expression.  They were some amazing and descriptive stories! 
   Grizzly, Black, Alaskan Brown, Polar, and then Teddy Bears...Oh My!

Credit to Jessica Ashby for the Bear Sleepover idea!


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